Is it possible to copy a Screen?

Is it possible to copy a Screen? I have two diferent buttons. Each opens a group of 7 screens. I already configured the first group of seven, The other group makes almost the same thing than the 7 first, just need to edit some details. Is there a way to just copy those 7 screens e make the little edits?

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Yes it is possible to copy a screen. You could use keyboard shortcuts “copy/paste” to do that.

Oh! Ty for that! I´m sorry for it had seem a stupid question. But now I can go much fast!

Is there anyhow I duplicate a collection and then edit it?

No question is stupid, we are all here to learn and help each other, and I’m glad I could help.

I don’t think you can duplicate From within Adalo, but you can download the collection as a csv and do your editing and upload back as a new collection.

I ll try that! Ty again!

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Oh, I think I wasnt precise on my question. I have a collection with 30 properties. I need a diferent colection with the same 30 properties. I created all the 30 properties and now I ll have to create all 30 again…

I’m sorry,
You might have to create all properties one after the other.