QUICK TIP: Copy templates and base screen

I’m glad Adalo have this nifty trick,

If you have layouts that is located on the other apps and you want to clone it to another app you are working you can simply COPY and PASTE the whole screen to your current workspace app.

This is really helpful when you have dev app that you have all the layouts and design on a single app that you want to replicated with another app you are working to save time of recreating it again for another project.

On my end I usually have 1 demo app that if I see inspiration of layouts I just copy and paste it there so I can easily replicated in the future apps I want to build

Even the default colors are already adjusted.

Just be careful not to override the old version of your app that you are working , since currently there is no way to know if Adalo has updated the current workspace you are working on.


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Indeed this can save lots and lots of time! :slight_smile:

Be aware though, copy and pasting groups with lists will often need to have their magic text elements remade, even if the collection is the same.

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