Is it possible to create Poll like the ones for WhatsApp in Adalo

Hi everyone I want to know if it is possible to create polls like the one for WhatsApp in Adalo. I want to have a poll that display the number of votes for each my Poll options. Just like the one below.




I hope this will help what you are looking for.


Thank you very much @ishantanusrivastava . I will try this one out.
My other question that I would like to ask is, is it possible to set limitation/constraints to answering the poll question, I mean like if a user has already answered one of the option under a specific question s/he should not be able to choose it again. As of me I have a list of poll question and I set two ACTIONS(Link) to two different screen one is for redirecting a user a different screen if they have alread chosen an option from that specific question and the other one is for taking a user to the screen options of that specific question only if they have not chosen and submited the option before.


Iā€™m glad it was helpful for you.

According to what you are looking for that I think instead of adding Logged In User to each option & then showing the result on the basis of visibility, its better to add Logged In User for every question & show the option list group accordingly.

When someone not answered then this group should be visible

If answered, then this group will be visible

I hope this helps.

Thanks once again @ishantanusrivastava . I have tried doing so butbut I seem to be not managing below is the link to my clonable app

kindly help

Hi @ishantanusrivastava !
One issue I have is that, users have a possibility of choosing all options under one question as in the screenshot below.

Making use of the Free Components I would like to know if it is possible to implement a functionality that allow a logged in user to only choose one option under each question and if they try choosing one more option under the same question, the first choice must be removed(radio button must be uncheked)

Thanks in advance

Hi @Development,

Correct? : Polling App 2 Clone ( With @ishantanusrivastavaā€™s setup )

Thank you

Hi @Development

Sorry for the late reply but looks like @dilon_perera build what you want I just tested & its working great, thanks.


Thank you very much, @dilon_perera and @ishantanusrivastava . I am happy that my polls are now allowing a user to only choose one option.


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