Is there a way to get a notification when walking close to a place? pt. 2

Hi all!

I previously posted regarding the opportunity to send notifications when a user has her/his phone in their pocket and walks close by to a location
In the scenario it should not matter if they walk close to Location A or Location B - at each location, they should receive a push notification that leads them to a specific page that is related to the location the user is close to.

I got an answer which stated that this is not possible (yet) beacuse the app would need access to background services (GPS live location services).

Does anybody have some insight about if and when this will be possible? I am sure this will be useful to many but it is also key to build the features me and my team are working on using Adalo and it would be such a big help to know more about this.

Thanks :boom:

I imagine that this feature request here is similar: background refresh location | Voters | Adalo

I recommend either voting on that request or creating a new feature request with your use case for this functionality.

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