Is there a way to hide or show an element according to the screen size?


I have a Web App with a 3 columns list. It looks perfect on desktop and tablets, but on mobile the 3 the columns are a mess.

Is there a way to have 3 columns on desktop + tablet and 2 columns or 1 on mobile?
Or is there a workaround for this?

As I may use only 2 columns for desktop, it may be a solution, but I have the request to have 3 columnsā€¦

Thank you,

I havenā€™t tried this but feel free to experiment.

the width and height of the workspace/screen size is adjustable, you can create a clone app using the same database and then adjust the width and height for the workspace suited for tablet size.

then point the user to that url if they are tablet users. just a quick hack but not sure if that will work for your need.

coz I noticed when I drag the browser size components automatically adjust (responsive layout sort of).

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Thank you for your answer.

I was thinking about this way and I have even so this solution from the forum to use to redirect the users: Mfork - Serve different pages depending of your user's devices
Before to go like that I wanted to know if maybe there is a solution to use only 1 web app and do some changes for components and layout.

Thank you, again!

Now there is a solution: New Component! Device Detector - Responsive Web and WebApp :partying_face: