Responsive WebApp Screensize

So my questions is, when I check the Screen Component, I see there is fixed screen size. But In general the screensize will widely vary from laptop to desktop.

So how does Adalo keeps the Components aspect and placement when the screen size changes

Responsiveness is an area of opportunity still for us that will receive more focus in the near future. General rule is that components have a relationship with the parent component. So a text field placed on the screen will try to maintain a relationship with the screen as it’s outer component. A work around can be to place a transparent rectangle behind to act as a new parent component. At this time it’s a bit tricky and some trial and error. You can also adjust the screen size itself if you’d like to build in certain measurements.

Thanks for the clarification. I see that the screen sizes are adjustable, but where do I find the dimensions? I’m used to designing at specific breakpoints and am not sure how the screens will render.

Do you have any clue as to how you’d lock things in position on the screen vertically so they are attached at the top and bottom? Here’s an example…