Is there a way to make Avatar profile

Is there a way to make avatar profile pictures i dont want the users to make there own profile pictures i want to make it for them and they just choose it and they have it on there profiles i did alot of research yet i only found avatar list i dont understand it

Hey there @3mpk1ng Welcome to the community :sunglasses:

Add a text parameter to your user collection and call it “Avatar”

Add a database collection called “Avatars” and include all of the avatars you’d like for the user to select from.

Display a list of the avatars and add an action on click to update logged in user > avatar to the Avatars > Image > URL.

Then, wherever you have the profile picture of the avatar, use “URL” as the option and insert Logged-in user > Avatar as the magic text.

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sorry but its hard to understand could record a video of u going thro it im having hard time to understand it
or an images

Not working or i might something wrong could u provide a video of u showe casing it or images

What have you tried? Provide screenshots and/or a video recording (You can use Loom to record your screen for free). ← @3mpk1ng

yes but its not working for me or i might be doing something wrong i didnt understand the last end

Here take a look for ur self i didnt understand ur post clearly but here

So u got any tips or show me some screenshots i will do it alone

Yeah, give me a few minutes.

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Here you go: 🎓 How To Add An "Avatar" Selection For Profile Pictures In Your Adalo App

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