🎓 How To Add An "Avatar" Selection For Profile Pictures In Your Adalo App

If you want to have your users select an avatar rather than uploading a profile picture, this tutorial video will show you how.

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You can get these Avatars from Envato Elements

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I just wanna say thank you soooo much i misunderstood ur help b4 but now i didnt thank you much btw

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I am also looking for a similar solution.
But then how do you associate the chosen avatar with the profile picture?
To save the choice and update the profile, the button always wants the ‘Image Picker’ element.

I have a custom solution. The user clicks on the ‘refresh image’ icon and it takes him to choose either a photo from his album or a collection of preloaded avatars.

Thanks in advance if you can help me :slight_smile:

Have a nice day

I was able to make it work!
I confess that I went a little haphazardly, the logics, some times, escape me…

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