Is there a way to use a PDF reader in Adalo?

Hello, My name is De’Andre and I’m the founder of Pulse Manga, an indie international manga anthology. I’ve been using Adalo to create an App for the magazine, and one of the main issues I’ve been dealing with is displaying the manga content. Right now Im using the Web viewer method to display the PDF’s from Issuu, however its not allowing me to display spread pages, nor can i figure out how to set it up so that the screen goes into landscape mode upon rotating the phone to allow the web viewer to display it in that way.

My goal is to get it to work much like the reader on the viz media app works, but there’s no tools available just yet that would allow me to obtain such a look. can anyone offer an advice?

also if you’d like to check out the app to get a better idea heres the link: Pulse Manga

Hi DeAndre,

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You could probably do this with a custom component if the webview isn’t enough for you.

Some custom component websites or make your own.

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thanks! I will be looking into this for sure!

Hi @DeAndre_Moffett ,

There is image slider component, so we can put collection there.

About landscape, I was wondering too.

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Yeah, I made use of the image slider component for a diff function on the app, but it is limited as well. We have series that read from right to left as well as series that read from left to right, as well ass spread pages so we need to be able to set which page it starts on, and be able to switch from single page to double.

This is the functionality I’m hoping to achieve, as well as being able to select the starting page ( first page or last page ) depending on the reading orientation of the series, and remembering which page a user left off on…

I’m not sure if this is something I can achieve in adalo honestly, but I’m really hoping it can be figured out.

Hi @DeAndre_Moffett ,

Image Slider can only work left to right, we don’t have reverse scroll for that, so that you can implement right to left.

Landscape is still unknown trigger, so user must choose it to do so, and is quite difficult to maintain scrollable screen with less height.

The only option I currently see is using image in custom list, as you can have filter to see which picture to show, either from left or right.

And for modal page you mentioned, if it is using different screen, you cannot do next page, as the button is not in current screen.

You can try fakemodal from @theadaloguy technique to do that.

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