PDF reader or Image Viewer (pinch to zoom in/out)

Hi folks,

Been using adalo for months, convinced my service to let me build our application using this amazing platform. But the main feature management are requesting would be the ability to upload pdf documents and for health care practitioners to zoom in and out of said PDF pages/documents.

Weblinks won’t work as we are an EMS service that operates in northern Canada and most of our paramedics will be responding in remote spots with zero service/ connection - hence the need for an app to access our medical guidelines offline.

We’re a massive volunteer service, and we can’t exactly afford to pay someone to build this app in its entirety - so we’re really hoping that we’d be able to make this work over adalo!

Has anyone been able to build a component for such a feature? or would anyone be able to help us?

Thanks in advance for your time! Much appreciated :smiley:


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