Is There an API Collections Cache?

Right now, I’m sending a ton of GET requests to BigBoxAPI because I’m still testing the app. So anytime I move around the app, it’s sending a request. This of course is eating up my credits like crazy. Is there a way to work with a cache so I am not constantly having to send requests? Thanks!

Hello @Mannah888,

Unfortunately there is no such cache in Adalo. If you’re talking about saving actions on Adalo side, you can test your app from Previewer. But if you are testing a native version - then actions will be counted :frowning:

Best regards, Victor.

What do you mean by testing from Previewer? I would hit the Preview button at the top to look at the app, but that’s what’s causing all the actions and requests. Is there another way to test your app?

Hello @Mannah888,

“Actions taken in the Adalo Builder Previewer, when you see the Adalo bar at the top, don’t count towards usage” - please see here: App Actions Dashboard - Adalo Resources. So when you hit “preview” on the top right, these actions shouldn’t be counted.

Please let me clarify once again: I was talking about Adalo app actions, not about the credits of an external API.


Oh ok. Yea, I was talking about the credits being used by the eternal API.

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@Mannah888, maybe BigBoxAPI has something like a playground / sandbox for the testing phase.

But would I want to implement some sort of caching system once the app goes live so that it updates every so often and not constantly making API requests?

You will need to find some 3rd party platform for that. I can’t recommend anything - maybe someone else could give an advice.


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