External collections forget the API URLs once editing

See screen recording here: https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/1882198?key=689e39dfc9c3701203a4a8c47cf4e9d7

Even if I open an external collection just to look at it (if I’m debugging) it seems to reset the API URLs for each of the actions/verbs. This is very time consuming to keep fixing these.

I’m a bit confused here. Why do you not append the base URL with that “&action=get_all”?

I changed the way my API URLs work just to suit Adalo as a workaround. The external collections assume a standard REST URL convention from what I can tell, and every time I open these settings, they’re reset (as illustrated in the screen recording). The URLs themselves are beside the point I’m trying to make: the previously set values for the URLs are reset any time I open the collection’s settings.

I’ve also found that changing the URLs (I recently moved to a different domain and set up a new DB from scratch) causes chaos with the app. All the screens are still tied to (and submitting to) the old URLs. I’ve deleted the external collections and created them from scratch and reset the screens to reference the new external collections but it still has old references to the record IDs (even though it doesn’t have any URLs that reference that old DB anymore). There needs to be better visibility into how the app is working with the external collection and/or a way to reset the these external collection references.

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I’ve similar issues with REST calls. I’ve never had the problem on the URL but in my case calls to endpoints that were triggered by components are still made even if I delete the component related to the collection that triggers the call.

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Glad to know I’m not losing my mind. This seems like a pretty huge problem as it makes an application inconsistent and unpredictable. It also seems to put undue load on the REST service that is supporting the external collection. I’m excited to hear about Adalo’s focus turning to performance and this seems like an area to target. @Ben is this a known issue already?

Now I’m really struggling with the caching in Adalo. I’ll make a change to a button and it doesn’t reflect anywhere but the preview version of the site. The app is no longer making any get requests to the API unless I’m using the test feature when setting up the external collection. I was seeing POSTs when creating new records, but no GETs when going back to the list view. I’m really struggling with this and external collections feel completely broken. I started paying for Adalo thinking it was going to save me time when roughing out prototypes but I could have built the frontend faster from scratch at this point. I’m very disappointed and frustrated with Adalo as it feels incredibly fragile. Just typing text labels on form fields seem to cause the editor application to freeze up and the Chrome tab to crash.

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I’ve the same issue today LOL.

I have the same issue too…

In addition to forgetting the URL, if you type a longer URL, the input field breaks badly as well. I don’t press delete or backspace in this recording;