Is there any way i can delete all records in a collection?

Is there any way i can delete all records in a collection; for example: if i press a button in the app all records in the collection will be deleted.
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Please take a look at this solution posted by a community member: How to implement cascade delete?

Hi @dunderkid @anon78309838

That solution didn’t work for me, I have created the other one. The Mass Delete is implemented using List of items + Countdown timer + Delete action. In brief: you need to create a specific “delete” screen, where you have the list of items in the collection to be deleted, together with timer. When timer finishes, the list item is deleted. It is also possible to implement deleting records from 1:many collections (1 parent item + child items).

Here is the video:

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That was a cool solution. Subscribed to your channel just now!

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Thanks for the elaborate response, this helped alot.
Thank you again, stay safe out there!

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