Adalo Database/Collection Data Clear/Delete

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I have a collection which containing almost 5000 data for testing now I want to clear the collection and want to upload real data but I couldn’t found delete all data at one click except delete one by one (This is very time consuming to delete one by one). Does any can help me regarding this?


You can only delete one at a time for now…You can vote for it here:

Unfortunately the easiest way right now is to drop the collection and re-add it. If you have a ton of relationships setup then that’s problematic.

The only way I can think to expedite the manual “one row at a time” approach would be to use something like iMacros or Selenium in your browser to automate the manual deletion.

Thanks for your advice @grid7 .

This collection has many relation to others collection. Another problem will be arise that; all design need to be redesign every where, whenever this collection been used. Isn’t?

Currently rebuild the collection is suicidal attempt for me :rofl: :joy:.

Hope Adalo team will discover something usable.

You wouldn’t need to redesign all the screens but you would need to relink the existing components to the new corresponding data collection.

Yes it’s unfortunate there’s no “wipe” feature at the admin level to do what you’re seeking. I encountered this early on and it was easiest to drop/recreate the collection and rewire the components.

I would say if you’re averse to going that route maybe investigate iMacros for automating the manual deletion of those 5000 records. That could run overnight and get you back to a clean slate. Here’s info on that free browser extension:

@grid7 Can you please give me any link how does imacros realy works with adalo? I couldn’t find anything compatible with my needs.


It seems I misled you with the iMacros suggestion… They’ve apparently reigned back in a bunch of the features on the previously-free product. I went down a rabbit hole of trying to setup the old version via Firefox portable apps and in a VM but eventually gave up on iMacros.

I used a different tool though called Katalon and just made a script to handle bulk deletion for people in the future.

This video shows it in action:

And here is the tutorial that shows you all the steps to make it work:

I put the script in Github for anyone else who is confronted with this task in the future:

And I made a video on the blog post above of the steps necessary to build and execute that from start to finish. Browser automation is a really powerful skill to acquire as it saves you in scenarios like this one. Anyways glad you got it resolved and hopefully this is helpful anyone else in the same boat.

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Hi @ahmedferdaus I did something similar for testing.

If you copy/duplicate the entire app (find that under settings) you get your app with all created collections, but without any data in it. Not sure if it is a bug or not, but I found it useful. Hope that helps.

Thanks @advisory !
I’ll try this.