Is there any way to change the date format when using the Date Picker?

The Date Picker component only seems to display dates in one format “Thursday, May 4th, 2019”

Is there any way to change this format to, say, “05/04/2019” or any of the other options available when using Magic Text in a basic text field?

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Does anybody have a solution for this? It’s very frustrating.

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 7.28.01 PM

The date field takes up more than half the screen width!

Imagine how wide it would be on Wednesday, February 22, 2022!

Is there no way to change the date format in the Date Picker?

Hi Michael,

Ability to add the date format by us would be really cool! Add that here :

For now what you can do is stretch the date picker a bit!

And also maybe this format will help here too :


Thank you

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