Is there a way to configure presented date format / language in the date picker component

Hi there,
I am using the date picker component to select a date in a responsive web app. Unfortunately, the date shows in English, e.g. “Thursday May 4th” (see screensho) but the rest of my App is all German. So is there a way to change the date format here? I didn’t find anything unfortunately. If not, has anyone found a workaround? Thanks Timo


You might find that actually it changes according to the language of your browser/OS. Note that Chrome, unlike other browsers has it’s own language/location settings independent of the OS.

My language settings on OS-level and in chrome are all German, I just double checked and removed everything except German. The component always shows the date in english language format. If its expected behaviour that the date is shown in the browser language I will file a bug report, because it is not working that way.

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