Is this normal?

Unfortunately, I have submitted this request more than once to the support, but to no avail. There is no point in displaying the date or time. It cannot be displayed as in the attached picture. I am a subscriber and pay monthly, and so far my application has stopped working because of this problem. the problem

Sorry to hear you are having issues. If you could grant me access to your app or open it to be cloned I will take a look for you and see if I can help :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing access to your app. From what I can see, there is no issue with your app as it worked fine on my device as seen in the below screenshot…

Adalo takes the date and time from your device so I would recommend setting your device date and time settings to auto update to make sure it is on the correct time zone and see if this solves the issue.


Hi Mohammad,

I was actually talking with the support team about this bug; it looks like the bug has to do with @vork056 browser or location.

Hello everyone, I am currently working on the Google Chrome browser and I work with iOS. I changed the browser and also the operating system, but the same problem

Thank you very much for your help, but what are the necessary steps to do this, knowing that I am working on IOS?

I am guessing you are using a mac? If this is the case then you need to set the date and time correctly (make sure the year is set correctly) and probably best to set it to automatically update. Instructions to do this are here Set the date and time on your Mac - Apple Support

If you are viewing this issue on an iphone or ipad then the instructions are here Set the date and time on iPhone - Apple Support

Hello dear crmorris2
Unfortunately, all the steps failed, but as I tested it on a computer with a Windows operating system, but the same problem, I think that the reason for this is the current site, not the browser or the computer, as I currently live in the Middle East and not America
I think that’s why this problem appears, but to make the picture clearer, if there is anyone who is currently in the Middle East, does the same problem appear with him or only me?

May I ask, are you using a VPN? Also, what language is your device using?

I do not use Vpn
The language of the current device is Arabic, but the language of the device has been completely changed to English, but the method also failed

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I know you have changed the device to English, but I still think the language or region is an issue somehow. Could you please change the region of your device to another country such as the UK, this is different to Language as region controls your currency, date formats etc etc, then make sure the language is English and we can rule out if this is the issue as well?

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I have done all the steps but to no avail

What are the keyboard preferences? Could you make sure this is set to UK or US as well to test this?

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This is the result

Hi Mohammad, I am stumped, unfortunately I am not sure I can offer any other solution, I would suggest submitting a support ticket and see if the Adalo staff can help you in any way. Sorry I couldn’t be of any further assistance :frowning:

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Hello dear crmorris2
I thank you very much for your support and effort with me to solve the problem. As for the issue of support, I raised a request for support more than once in this matter, but to no avail. I was not answered. I think they do not support those who use the platform from the Middle East.

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