Date Picker Not Displaying Correctly

The last two days the date picker is not displaying correctly when published in IOS, work in preview correctly. Is this an identified bug?

Been doing it for 2 months now and no response.

Send an email to

We have made numerous updates to this.

Could you post a screenshot of the issue you are facing so that I may again add it to our bug list. Thanks.

Here is the screen shot

Thanks. I have submitted this to the dev team!


‘start of today’ option is fixed. thank you.

But when we sett the field to current time still not working.

attached the screen shot, the third example.

Thank you.

Also having issues with the date picker wherever it is located in my app. This is on the native iOS version. Running iOS 14.0.1

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An update to this component was released last night. Please create a new build and test if this has been resolved for you.

Just tested and this is now working as expected! Thanks for all the help. - Curt

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