Iso Build Not built

iso build task installation rejected in the review
Asked to change the name of the app.
Can’t build


check your testflight, most likely the builds are already available there. Adalo is facing some issues currently in updating statuses.

Thank you. Have a good day

I’m sorry I need to take some time
Now the build is coming

why does it take HOURS for the build process?!

Slow WIFI may be result of that!

Sometimes it builds within 15 minutes, sometimes after 24 hours. That’s is very strange.

Yeah its your WIFI issue, happens a lot

I don’t use WIFI, I am on cable with a 1k Mbit connection. And the files are in the cloud when I edit the app in There is nothing uploading from my pc as far as I see it. It must be the connection adalo server to apple that has issues.

That’s true, you may go to support and ask them why…

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They will reply to you in 24 hours.

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