iOS build queue

Is there a current delay issue ? I submitted a new build early this morning (EST) and it’s still in queue. Thanks

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That’s issue with Adalo! Wait until they fix it, hopefully @Colin fix it!

same here, I’ve been waiting for more than 6h and still on queue

Hi Nocode81. Unfortunately this happens sometimes when submitting apps for export.

Almost all of the time the build is actually submitted to iOS even if it is showing as queued. You could try adding another build and keep checking testflight. Adalo are aware of the issue and are addressing it.


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Hi Bountiful. Adalo are aware of this issue and is mentioned numerous times in the forum.

Tagging Colin in posts that he has already answered and has already received numerous support tickets for will just clog up his notifications.

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I think by now this is worth making a priority…this happens at least 2 times a week and is an essential part to why we’re all here…

Thanks @crmorris2. I’ve been checking TestFlight, but none of my queued builds are available. I understand that the Adalo team is trying to do a lot. Just know that I appreciate it.

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I’m having this problem too and have been waiting for several days. Do we know when it’ll be fixed?

Welcome to adalo! please be patient until adalo fix it!

Do they work on the weekends to fix it? So should I not expect for my app to build until next week?

They’re not that huge team like twitter or Facebook or or, they are at medium sized, so you may expect them working on the issue in weekdays or sometime sooner.

Check this out until they fix it.

It shows status of what happening any info about it.

I’ve tried a couple times to make a new build but it’s not showing up in app store connect. did anyone get it to work yet?

Hi, I am having the same issue. I am on the fourth version of my app on Adalo and it still shows as queued. Would it ever work? I need the app to be published for a COVID-19 College app. Please let me know! Thanks-

Problem is with adalo, they are hopefully fixing it.

It’s sad and not quite professional that the developer is silent regarding the current build problem. Currently, it takes more than 24 hours for my App from Queued until deployment to test flight. I wish adalo would be more transparent and communicate the problems.

I talked with support and am still waiting on an app that I submitted on Saturday that is still queued without any results of moving forward or failing…very frustrated…

Built a version this morning, … it’s queued. This is the first time this happens for me.

Builded 2 apps yesterday around 9am. 1 app was done building after 24 hours, the 2nd app is still queued …

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