ISO certification / Migrating source code

Hello all,

Recently I spoke to some corporate clients here in Australia and was informed that no business can go ahead without ISO certified encryption and data storage hosted in Australia. Does anyone have any advice and guidance on exporting the app source code / transferring servers to Australia?

Extremely frustrating as the app is already entirely built and on the app store.

Thank you!

Hello! As far as I know, I don’t think it’s possible to export the app’s source code. The closest I can think of is the APK generated when you’re generating a build for Android devices.

Looks like the data storage is the issue here - You could connect Adalo with an external backend. For eg. Backendless. They have quite a comprehensive guide on how to start with user auth on their blog.

Backendless allows you to host your backend on your own servers, while using their infrastructure (codeless programming, REST API, user auth, etc.). Hope this helps even if just a bit :slight_smile:

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