Issue Updating A Record With A Custom Action

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to use a custom action to update a specific record, but so far, I haven’t gotten it to work.

Right now, clicking the first button button creates a new record and updates a variable on the user with a temporary variable ID.

Clicking the second button is supposed to update an empty section of that record with new information.

However, so far, I haven’t gotten the action to work. I’m guessing it’s something to do with my custom action setup in Adalo, so I’ve attached screenshots below. Any help would be appreciated.


I’d still like to know how to do this if someone knows how!

You have to use the record ID in that spot, not the timestamp. Additionally, it has to be an integer(number) not a string(text)

Take a look at your API documentation for your collection and note the “element id” (which is the record id).

Pass the record ID in the API Base URL instead of the “Current timestamp ID”

Ah, solid, thank you!

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