Issue with lists / relationships

Hi guys,

I hope you’re all well.

I’m pretty sure I’ve found a bug.

I have 2 databases, one called “valve makes”, another called " valve models", there is a relationship between them, valve makes can have multiple valve models, valve models have one make.

The valve models database has a list, and clicking on an item takes you to all the models in that make.

Everything has been working fine, but Ive got an issue with one valve make in that when I press it, the models do not show on the next screen. There is not a problem with my database as it’s exactly the same for all the other makes. I’ve even deleted all the models and make and put them back into the database.

I’ve recorded a loom to demonstrate, can anyone advise? Thanks

It’s hard to tell you what the problem is. But it’s definitely not a bug, I would have noticed it I think… If you’d like you can add me to your app so I can take a look at it

@JLCSerious, does the problem solved?

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