Help with relationships (Please)

Hello fellow magic makers,

Can someone please assist me with the correct format of relationships with the attached picture?

Ideally I need the work that is completed marked off the “tracker” at the end of the line.

Each pricelist has 8 sequences per area which I have created a list for, is there a way to check one as complete on the list and not show up but still have the others visible?

I really appreciate your help with this, mark ups of the image with correct relationships would be priceless!

Best regards,

Hi, try by adding a new property on database (Boolean) and then you could show in list only if the value of that item is True? That’s what I’d do

Hey @Eugen, thanks for responding, appreciate it. Yeah, I done that but it doesn’t seem to be working how I want/need it to. As far as relationships say for example… A painter needs to complete pricework in apartment 1 (work area) and the first task on the available work is prep for painting, once he completes the work QA, I then need the tracker to be updated and that task to be taken from the available work.

What type of relationships need to be in place after project menu? This is where I’m confused slightly…

Does there even need to be relationships after the project menu stage?

Thanks for everyone’s help, I’m really grateful guys,


@Colin aka the Adalo wizard, would you mind helping me out with this one please?

Thanks so much.

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