Issue with Location, using external Google Map

I needed a way a user could drag a marker on a Map to set the location, lat and lng.

I have done the following so far;

  • List item Created a screen with a web view

  • List item The web view references an external page I’m hosting outside of Adalo. This has some javascript to show a map, set the Marker based on the lat and lng passed into the web view. Then uses the Adalo API to update the lat and lng after the marker is moved. This works fine.

  • List item I now have the lat and lng stored in a database. I also Geo Code the full address, so I have that also stored in a Text field.

So my problem; I want to convert the Full Address or the Lat/Lng that I have into a Location field in my database. So I can then later use the MILES function to calculate the distance between the current device location and the Marker we set.

I thought I could take the Address that I Geocoded and simply throw that into the Location picker field on a form, but it doesn’t support it.

Any ideas?

My set location form, showing a Map view - clicking the Change button opens the second screen shot, which is a custom web view to my page (hosted outside Adalo)

Custom page allowing the Marker to be dragged. API calls back to Adalo DB

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