Geolocation by Google Map or other API

Hello! I am currently working on an application similar to Uber. I need a geolocation detection function. I used Google maps api, but during testing I got not my geolocation, but a point tens of thousands of kilometers away from me. I think that since all requests go through adalo’s servers, I got adalo’s location.
Please tell me if someone managed to get their geolocation and write it to the database using external APIs or the internal capabilities of adalo.
If not, tell me, how long can adalo change the statute of an idea in the list of ideas?
I saw that adalo is planning such an opportunity, what are the possible deadlines for transferring this idea from plans to implementation and then to release?

Geolocation I believe is the most requested feature for Adalo, right now I don’t think there is an easy way to do it without setting up some sort of API.

Right now is currently planned by the team but I’m not sure when it will be implemented.

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