It doesn't count properly

My app database has three collections, Users, Question, and Reply.

Goal: Count Question which has Replies that are belonged not to Logged in User.

Problem: The first picture should show “2”, because the logged in user is belong to one reply of her all three questions, but it doesn’t work

(The second picture shows filter I have done)
スクリーンショット 2021-12-01 15.33.03
スクリーンショット 2021-12-01 15.33.22

Hi Yuki,

Have you tried conditional visibility? with the same filter?

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Hi James

Thank you so much for helping me.
When I try like this, the count is invisible.

Try using current question>reply>users>email is not equal to logged in user>email.


I want to count current’s all questions which are linked to Reply that logged in user doesn’t still reply.
Does it make sense?

Try doing by steps,

Check if count works for all reply to question, then for all logged in reply, then for logged in reply to that question.

This will help you pinpoint the problem.

Thanks. I tried and found out that count doesn’t reply to question. This is wrong.
I know a question definitely is belonged to a reply, but it doesn’t count…

In that case, you can submit support ticket and explain as much as possible so they can understand you better.

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I submitted. Thank you, Yongki(:

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