This filter doesnt work

Is there anybody who know why it doesnt work?
It should contain Logged"in user, but it shows…

Can you rephrase your question ?

Do you mean “does not contain” should contain logged in user ?

Show what you are expecting and show what you get.

Thank you, Yongki.

My app database has three collections, User, Question, and Reply.

Then, this is what I want to get, if you reply to a question once, I dont want the question to show up to you anymore. (on the image i sent, “Logged in User” is you)

A question is linked to a reply, and the reply is linked to Logged in User.

So, once you reply to a question, the reply should be linked to logged in user.

Because I dont want the question to show up to you anymore, I have ordered like the picture.

possible to understand? Sorry for my broken English, I appreciate if you would ask me to get understand.
スクリーンショット 2021-12-01 12.47.32

Can you show this in the collection editor ?

This can be achieved using count in visibility, like current reply>count filter (current reply>email is equal to logged in user>email) greater than 0

Assuming your relationship supports that.

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This is really wrong.
Reply>Users = count 1 (the first picture shows), and just as try, I filtered like this(the second picture shows), but all shows, which means “Reply>Users” doesn’t be count.

Put the count filter in visibility, not in the list.

So you click on the rectangle inside the list, put visibility on the rectangle.


I’m DONE!!!
Really thank you soooo much youngki!
so kind really appriciate, thank you m(_ _)m

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Great, glad to hear that.

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Yongki, could I ask one more question?

Sure, just shoot it.

Perhaps open new thread would be better.

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Thank you. Can you visit here?

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