Items of a collection not showing

So I want to upload an image from the database but when I do this it shows this. Instead of showing an image property of the right collection

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So you have a image property in the users collection? You want to show logged in user’s profile photo right?

Thank you

Thank you for your reply. i have a image property in the logged in user > ‘riffs’ collection and want to show that image.

How the users and riffs collection connected with relationships?

by a many to many relationship

Since this is a many to many relationship you need a list of image components to show them! You can select the image component and click on three dots and select make list and connect it to the riffs collection and filter for logged in user’s riffs and in the image component you can select current riff > image property.

Okay, I’ll try it out. I’m trying to create something like this

Will the lists work for this too?

Ok so you have the random picker in first screenshot connected to the riffs collection and need to show the image of the selected riff in the random picker?


You need a One to Many relationship! A user have one riff and a riff have many users. Check here :

Okay. I tried it but now it just says ‘not found’ on the random picker

Are there any records in the riffs collection?


Did you switched on this setting?


I did

I added the component again, without turning it on but still ’ not found’

Could you add some screenshots?

random picker settings?

the random picker button now seems to be working, but the foto’s don’t change when I tap on it