It's a newbie question, but if you could help I'd be very happy

When users purchase more than 1 product in in-app purchases, I want to increase the database to +1, so a user will be able to purchase a product 5 times. and will increase ( +1 ) for each product.

and when you gift this product to someone ( -1 ), it will decrease from the amount of the product you bought.

Do I need to use these functions?

What settings do I need to make to increase and decrease?

Yeni Bit Eşlem Resmi (10)

Can you help me ?
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I’m counting on you to help me with this. :slight_smile:

No, you do not need those functions. You can do the math directly in the field:

current item count - 1 / current item count + 1.

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Thank you very much for your time and for wanting to help me with this matter. I sincerely convey my regards and love to you. I hope you always have the best times in your life

Thank You Soo Much
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