Jam, Adalo, and Microphone Access


My understanding is that Jam does not function natively because Adalo does not yet have the ability to allow an app to request microphone access.

I’m not here to complain, I understand progress takes time and that it is not always linear. I am here to ask, though: is this on the Adalo road map? Will the recently successful second funding round speed up that inclusion of this feature?

Could someone from the Adalo team provide a loose estimate of when this might happen by? Example: “before Q2 of 2022” or “by the summer.” Anything that can help me to set my expectations.

Thank you for all you do, I love your platform.


I created a Native Permissions Manager, this will let you do what you want


Where do I purchase this permissions manager, @TKOTC?

Sorry, I assumed that people knew of our marketplace. All components are free. If you want to sign up for our patreon account (the pink button at the top left) you can feel free to give us some $, but that is at your own discression.


Oh, and if you don’t know about our marketplace, you probably are unaware that most of our stuff is not tested on iOS, we do our best to make sure iOS should work. All that to say, if you have an issue with iOS just let us know and we will fix it up for you.