How to add Clubhouse-like audio rooms to my Adalo app?

Hi Everyone!

I’ve heard lots of makers in the forum asking about how to add Clubhouse-like Audio in their Adalo App. Here it is! :partying_face:

Using Jam Systems @michael.ionita made a YouTube video on how to add this in your Adalo app.

SKIP to 13:43 to see how to add it into an Adalo app.


Happy to help. Thanks @James_App_Maker for mentioning it.

I’m working on a full Tutorial on how to embed Audio Rooms into Adalo including the needed business logic to manage and maintain those rooms.


It’s a great feature for any Adalo app! :slight_smile:

Could you also, please share how to record and store an audio file inside Adalo?
I am interested in simple items with related audio files, not streaming.
Thank you!


@James_App_Maker do you have any info when Adalo will release the JAM Plugin Thomas and I have created?

We sent it for review approx. 1 month ago and many subscribers ask me when it’s going to be live here: where I show them the Adalo Plugin in action (while in development back then).


It’s unbelievable how slow ADALO works. IAP plugin came out 3 months ago, still waiting for the subscription part. How long does it take to test a component? Seen bugged components in the marketplace (calendar e.g.) I think they are not tested heavily but still takes long time for publish.

I wonder sometimes if only Colin works at adalo… I don’t see others around.

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Hi Michael,

Ben told be that it should be done reviewing this week. :slight_smile:


I think Adalo has MASSIVE potential with the Marketplace.
But not if working so slowly.
Because it demotivates people to create components in the first place.

Thanks for info @James_App_Maker for the info :slight_smile: Appreciate it.

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Hi @James_App_Maker,
Can you please ask the Adalo team to approve the component?
I also submitted a support ticket but I got no response.
If it is already approved, where is it?
I don’t see it in the component marketplace.

Hi Firoz,

I cannot just ask the team to approve the component. They are still doing the review and working on permissions to access the user’s microphone. :studio_microphone:

Hi @James_App_Maker,
Ok, I understand, I didn’t know earlier on.
Thank you for letting me know.
Have a great time!

Is there any news on that?

Adalo said they can release it for “web apps” but not yet for mobile apps because the component needs the microphone permission which Adalo needs to pass through from the component up to the app manifest file. It’s a bit painful to wait for that long for the component. Adalo also raised $8M. Hope they put it to good use.

Hopefully they do it fast, I would love to use this component! I already teased a bit to my audience, but I am afraid it will takes months maybe even a year before it’s here:(

Seriously Adalo, the platform is such a good basis! It’s so well thought out for all the new things that should come, but please make those things come!! Like how in earth do we still not have bulk editing for example?


When the component is out - the clubhouse hype is already dry :smiley:

Hey everyone,

This error message comes up on the webview:

‘Start a Room
The room with ID InformationParadise_478922493%23name%3Db does not exist yet.’

How can this be solved?


is it available for the mobile version yet? looking to add it to my app would be a great feature

For anyone waiting for the component… the web version is in beta & in the marketplace! Native mobile app version is coming out soon! :partying_face: @pushingpandas @DylanS @BeautifullySimple @kato1


awesome news. Thank you!!!

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@James_App_Maker thanks a lot for this! This is a very good feature to have in adalo.
Wondering something, could it be possible to have something like chatroulette with jam room? I mean to connect random users available in the users table.
I don’t know how to do to connect people. For example if user1 click on a button to be connected he has to wait that another one does the same. The first user would create the room clicking on the button?

Thanks a lot!