How to add Clubhouse-like audio rooms to my Adalo app?

Hi Everyone!

I’ve heard lots of makers in the forum asking about how to add Clubhouse-like Audio in their Adalo App. Here it is! :partying_face:

Using Jam Systems @michael.ionita made a YouTube video on how to add this in your Adalo app.

SKIP to 13:43 to see how to add it into an Adalo app.


Happy to help. Thanks @James_App_Maker for mentioning it.

I’m working on a full Tutorial on how to embed Audio Rooms into Adalo including the needed business logic to manage and maintain those rooms.


It’s a great feature for any Adalo app! :slight_smile:

Could you also, please share how to record and store an audio file inside Adalo?
I am interested in simple items with related audio files, not streaming.
Thank you!