JSON Body in Custom Actions Buggy / Copy Paste

Hey Adalorians,

I know I am new to the party, but I have been trying the whole things for the past three days more or less non-stop. However, here is the question:

How can I copy paste JSON into the JSON Body of Custom Functions without the system crushing? It is really driving me nuts… I am trying now for almost 2 hours to set up the send email thingy for sendgrit and it crashes erratically… even after typing in the whol JSON body it crashed on me for deleting a letter…

Please tell me what I am doing wrong.

I’ve never heard of this issue before which suggests to me it was probably related to the general performance issues we were experiencing over the last few days. I can only apologise for those issues and I hope this issue is now resolved. Please let me know if it isn’t.

Actually I am experiencing this in a lot of copy paste actions on every computer I own. I am working on Mac OS and in Firefox / Chrome.

I have the feeling (but cannot reproduce the error) that it is somehow connected to the length of a line? But that’s just a gut feel. However, it is quite demotivtion to see the setup of a custom crash…

Just happened again. I clicked on magic text button to add Magic Text in the JSON Body of a Custom Function

I just cannot reproduce this no matter how many times I try.

Perhaps you could try recording your screen and if this happens, you will have caught it in action and then we have somewhere to start debugging it :slight_smile:

Alright… I am having this fairly often. Let’s see, if I can catch the system inflagranti :wink:

Okay, here we go. Not in a JSON Body Field, but still the same behavior:

I want to paste this test:

"für Gäste () vom bis . Wir freuen uns, dass Du wieder dabei bist!

Wie immer bekommst Du ausführliche Gäste-Infos zu Namen, Alter, Allergien und Essegewohnheiten etwa 4 Wochen vor der Anreise.

Bis dahin alles Gute!

Dein Gastfamilie.de Team"

Into the Email Body of a Custom Action (SendinBlue)

Select the position where I wanna paste:

And without any warning or comment it goes like this:

Just checked to be sure: It does the same without any wierd German letters. (like ö ä ü).

Hmm. I’ve only experienced an issue like that before when I had deleted a collection that was being used in that section at the time.

I may need to pass this on to the team though.

I also experience this, when I am writing a text that goes over the end of line. In the moment it would open the next line of text, it crashes.

I can confirm that I finally experienced this bug myself recently and although I cannot reproduce it regularly I have my eye on it and if I do spot the pattern, I will submit a ticket to have this fixed.

@Colin it’s really erratic, right? However, at the moment I am using Safari and not have experienced the bug so far.

Yeah, I cannot pinpoint the issue and seems to almost be random at times. I’ve only noticed it recently as I have been using custom actions much more.

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