JSON Body validation problem

@ashley @Ben I have a problem with the new JSON BODY Validation in Custom Actions:

Previously working Custom actions are invalid now when type Number is used.
Looks like the the validator only excepts strings now.

But how do we handle Numbers?
If I put the Duration Minutes into a string, I will get an error in Airtable:

Create a new bug entry here: https://ideas.adalo.com/bugs/p/json-validation-problem-in-custom-actions

Yup, wish there where some way we would know stuff like this is not caused by our own apps. I experienced this today, but it was after I made a drastic change, this lead me to try to reverse engineer the entire process and spending hours on something I later realized must be a bug. Also the more concerning part for me is that if this happens after my launch, my entire app will break.

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