Json Payload not correct

Hey guys,

I seem to get an error saying that my json payload can’t been read and that something is wrong with it. Here it is:

Screen Shot 2022-06-24 at 12.08.25 pm

I’ve just followed what the support website and documentation are saying. Am i not using the Line_item function correctly?

Would love a hand @knight



This is what PDFgeneratorAPI website says:

if you remove the line_item, does it still show invalid?

@knight It seems to work without the {{line_item}}

can show your line_item setting? you didn’t fill those var1 var 2 input?

Yeah the variables are filled correctly in the line_item section.

Can we do a quick call or I can send a video?

I’m interested in the solution, as some other users may be as well!

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We can try finding a solution tomorrow if you would like

Archer Simmonds

can you create a sample app that share the same database and replicate the button? so that I can take a look ( share it with components@visualdev.studio)?
most likely is the line_items didn’t formate well

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