PDF generator api component integration 422 error

Hi there, I hope this gets noticed. So I was trying to use the pdfgenerator API. And I also finished inserting the JSON payload.

But after sending the request, I get this error.

I can’t seem to understand why, I even tried to recheck my json using this validator https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/

I had the same issue when I started using this component. And i believe it was to do with the Line_Item variable.

This is what mine looks like now:

Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 2.11.43 pm

Could it be because of the spaces? Idk but worth giving it a try!

Did you manage to make it work, Archer?

Yeah mine works fine. Its weird our code is pretty much the same apart from the spaces. That’s why i susggested it

Can I ask what info you used for the PDF Generator API section? I probably missed something on the credential parts. Or can I ask for the resource you used on the implementation? Thanks.

Well on the edit panel it tells you what to look for, I just followed that.

I did have to talk to the creator of the component so I will try and find that conversation as a resource for you.

This will help a lot. Thank you very much.

Hi Archer, I just checked on it, did you include using JWT on the request?

What do you mean by JWT? is there any way you could send a screen shot?

I was actually talking about this.

But it seems like it is not needed for the integration. Are you using a paid account for the pdf generator

Yeah i haven’t done that before, i didnt need to.

My account is a paid one