Landbot integration


I am currently building a mobile app.
I’d like to add a chatbot for the onboarding of my app.
For this, I created one on Landbot.
Landbot can be linked to Adalo via Zapier.
However, I can’t find a way to add my bot to my screen when building the app.

Has anyone linked a Landbot on their mobile app??

Help greatly appreciated. :pray:

Hi @carolinesparrow and welcome to the community :hugs:

I haven’t personally used Lanbot before, but looking at their website they have an API.

So basically you will have to build a “chat & messaging screen” in Adalo, a good place to wrap you head around this is here :point_down:

The main difference here is that instead of messaging another user you will be actually querying your Landbot API who in return will give your answer.

For this, you can use Adalo’s build-in Custom Actions that will fire off a webhook and trigger your Zapier workflow or you can directly query Landbot’s API.

More about custom actions here :point_down:

Hope that’s a good starting point :blush:


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