Language error after publishing update to the app

After I updated my app, my entire english app turned to Japanese. Why is this happening & how shall I solve it??

Hi @Leoclubapp! It seems to be a problem with your icons. Submit a support ticket to the Adalo team, they can help you. Submit a Support Ticket

Hey there @Leoclubapp

In our community leader slack channel, @dilon_perera has posted this issue and we are awaiting a reply from the staff.

It is still a good idea to submit a ticket, as @Boglex stated. The more information they have about the situation, the better they can troubleshoot to provide a fix.


Hey @Boglex My app was live& worked perfectly fine befoee I updated it.I dont yhink so there’s much issues with icins, however as uour saying I’ve submitted tge support ticket!

@RonDeveloper we need your vieews for this problemb.


We are all having the same issue.

Refer to this thread.

Hey guys,

Just incase there are no answers on time and you are in a hurry, you can consider getting external icons and adding them as images on your app. That’s what I did.


@Tami That’s good idea, thanks! :slight_smile:

great idea Tami!


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