Default Icons Changed by themselves

Hello, I’ve my app for a while. Have many improved builds but yesterday after a build release to the Google Play Store I noticed this: All the default icons have been replaced by a vertical envelope icon.

this is what it looks like in Adalo

I did a rebuild and released it on Play Store hoping it will solve the problem but it did not. Any help will be appreciated.

This is weird. My last android build was uploaded 3 days ago and today google approved the update. So I just downloaded the new version and my app is fine. :thinking:

I did a rebuild a few minutes ago and uploaded it to the play console, downloaded the apk and sideloaded it to my phone and the issue is still there. It looks like the issue comes up in the build process because when you preview in Adalo or use the PWA it looks fine.

Have same similar issue with icons. Japanese hieroglyphs on Android, but works fine in Web and iOS :slight_smile: -)

Same issue. Boxes shown in place of icons. Is Adalo fixing this ?

Oh wow! I wish I had separately tested my App before publishing the latest update to the App Store. I tried to rollback but Play Store is not allowing me to do that.

Yes. This is my third issue in a week as well.

Anyone from Adalo team would like to respond here ?

Another thread on the same. @Gio126

Join the club my friend. Nothing about Adalo support is urgent. :laughing:

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