🚀 Launched: And/Or Logic for List Filters

Check it out: And/Or Logic - YouTube

Excited to see what all y’all do with this new feature!

What are you planning to do with it?


Is it only usable when filtering lists?

Yes, it’s for lists.

Great work! This is a massive update that I’ll be implementing into our app asap. Keep this stuff up.

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Fantastic stuff, guys! Great job.

That said, there was so much potential to implement this logic on other elements, like the visibility one as an example.

Hopefully, this isn’t the end of this feature, and it’s implemented on other elements.


Thanks a lot Adalo Team for this Update!

Now Adalo is becoming More Powerful!

Go Go Adalo!

This is good. Are there any plans to make this available in conditional display (show something if x or y) too?

(edit - sorry didn’t see Charles post above, oops!)


We are definitely looking at that for future updates @paulh & @charleshope. Right now, it’s just for lists.


I’m sure we’ve all learned, often the hard way, how to manipulate and hack lists…this is going to be great!

Good job Adalo developer people… :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the next feature release (no idea what it will be though) in 2023! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Hopefully not 2023! lol. We have a lot of releases coming this year. I’m going to be sending out a community update at the end of every month with notable releases, what the team is currently working on, notable bug fixes, recent hires, etc. The first one will be at the end of February. I’m also bringing Town Halls back and will be taking questions and giving answers either every month or every two months. More info on that coming soon. We have a changelog coming out soon, so you can retroactively see updates, releases, and bug fixes. You can also expect a statement from our founder soon about what we’ve been doing, specifically in the latter part of 2021 (it has to do with getting our insides in order so that we can ship more). With that being said, I can’t give tentative dates, but everything in the “in progress” in Canny is definitely being worked on, and most, if not all, will be shipped this year. I’m really passionate about keeping y’all in the loop and am taking steps to make that a reality. 2022 is going to be awesome.


amazing to read this! Congratulations team Adalo :clap::tada:

Yay. Can’t wait to see some action from Adalo!

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That is great but the lists are having bugs, can’t filter ´em properly.
also troubles with « actions cannot completed » even though permissions are all set up.

I didnt have that much trouble with adalo before and it isnt the good time for my app to have some😪

That is great! We still need multi sorting with same logic properties!) that is also crucial

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I don’t have same issues with filtering…

Maybe there is a problem with list setup or data stracture? I can take a look at it.