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Guys, can anyone help me, I’m editing my web application, and every time I change the desktop version, and then I change the mobile version, when I go back to the desktop, the layout is all mixed up.
It’s a button that disappears from the screen, creates spaces between components, then as I try to fix it on the desktop version, it gets worse on the mobile version, or when I change it on the mobile version, it gets broken on the desktop.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?
If it has already happened, have you managed to resolve it, if so, how, please.

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Yep I feel your pain

Without seeing all your settings…

Few things I would check.
You have it anchored left / right or center as your layout requires for each mobile, tablet and desktop settings.
Make sure it is in the correct container; rectangle, image or group.
Container that the item belongs to exists in the same form on in each view.

Yes, I checked each component several times.
Even the column itself increases in size by itself, surpassing the size of the screen, and taking the components with them, becoming funny, not to mention desperate =(

If I change the position of a button, for example, a little to the right in the mobile view, then I’ll see how it looks on the desktop, and the button goes beyond the header, it’s off the screen, then I return the button to the position it should be on the desktop. stay, I’ll see on mobile, the button drops below the footer limit.


I’m sorry to say buy sometimes you have to start with a fresh screen and add each element.
Definitely submit a ticket if you have tried everything logical.

If it makes you feel better, I am converting an app to 2.0 and have a screen pasted from 1.0, I can’t move any elements on the screen, they are locked down. I am rebuilding from the start :frowning:

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