Web app design help

I have started playing around with the web app part and my initial thought is that it is unusable.

Maybe I don’t understand how it works but it definitely defies all logic from any other builder i have used.

I am trying to do the simplest thing I can think of. Create a menu with a logo and the menu links. Then underneath that I wanted to display the latest “special”.

No matter what I do the design I get when previewing it is drastically different than what I’m getting in the builder. Boxes overlap, elements are in the wrong spot, things aren’t aligned at all.

Anyone have any tricks on this. I am basically trying to redo this design Order Online | Cortina Pizza Paris Street this should be SUPER basic… nothing much to the layout.

I also have he same issue, its kinds annoying and not great! It overlaps and not responsive, I messaged hem and they said they’re working on it which when I looked I never seen there are now, About logo header I guess you should try using he phone then implementing to web I think that will help!


The webapp design functionality is currently limited. This is something that Adalo will improve down the line, however at this stage, the best if you could design your app to be a 1 column app as the current responsive engine would not behave the way you would expect.

Just to give you an idea of the current responsive engine behaviour on Desktop, Ipad and Phone:

So when you design your app you should keep this behaviours in mind

The welcome and login built in screens are all 1 column:

Here is an example layout that you can expect to achieve today:

So 1 column app should be like what you shown above, we don’t fill the left or right side?

Correct. 1 column. You should try and think about the design how it would look on a mobile screen and scale up from it. It does not mean you can not put 2 buttons next to each other as long as it fits nice on a mobile screen. However if you have a long text, I would not put anything next to it.

The desktop native app templates should give you an idea on how you would need to think about your design.

Okay will try doing that!


Here is my take on your example of Order Online | Cortina Pizza Paris Street

This is just an example on how you could think about a one column layout.

Thank you for this! Yeah I’m seeing that I’m going to really use as many pre build components as possible and will have to rethink my design. I just hit a wall with the current website now that we’re launching new locations. This is a heavily hacked together webflow + foxycart website and it just can’t handle the heavy lifting I need it to do. I think the value of sacrificing a bit of aesthetics on the desktop and having a proper mobile app is well worth it.

If they could create breakpoints kinda like webflow then Adalo would be my main development tool for all sites / apps. The functionality you can get out of it is absurdly good. Just needs a bit more freedom with design.

Yeah they are focusing on app more, because more users tend to go into app, but I like website better! Hopefully they make it good for website…

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