Layout issues with custom lists and visibility

So I have done a few searches and found one which was like my issue but seems to have been resolved but I’m still getting the issue so hopefully someone can help.

I am trying to clone the layout of WhatsApp messaging.

I have created components in the list for both the right-side (logged in user) and left-side (other user). I have tried to set the visibility on all the components so the components are shown based on whether the logged in user is the sender of the message.

I’ve also tried to group each side and set the visibility on the group instead but get the same result:

If I remove one of the sides (I’ve removed the “Other user”) I get this:

So this works, its just when we have all elements visibility based on the logged in user?

Any help would be appreciated!

For the first grouping you need to use Alt + hold left click to copy downwards, this will then create the alternate message item…it seems like the second group is still apart of the first group see example

Can’t seem to be able to use alt-click, might be because I’m using a Chromebook perhaps? Can you screenshot what I should be seeing?


I worked this out. I was adding both sides of the conversation on the same vertical position and hiding one or the other, this is what was causing the issue. As soon as I moved one of the groups down so it visibly looked like the example by @ensirq it all worked.

Couldn’t use alt-click though so just copied and moved the elements down.


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