Let to user sort and filter

How do i let to user sort and filter the list in list screen?

Hi, here’s a great help article on how to sort / filter lists: https://help.adalo.com/component-basics/connecting-lists-and-forms-to-a-database/applying-filters-to-lists

Hi, i mean that let to user option to filter and sort not that i filter in back… it is impassible?

Maybe you could create another screen with the same list sorted in another way. Does that help?

Hello, I came to a similar issue. Did you manage to resolve it? Thanks.

Does anyone please know if there is a way for this?

Does this help you?


Thank you Ajay, it’s definitely helpful! However, I was more thinking of something as an option for user to choose the sort option - date added/lowest price/number of likes, etc.

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Hi Ajay, I came back to this and I would like to ask you one additional question. How did you please that small pop-up search window (0:02) without changing the whole screen (and whole background). When I look at your screen (0:21) I see a white background (the screen on top) but cannot really understand how it works. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey Ajay,

Where we can find the full video tutorial, Please?


I’m pretty sure it’s a modal screen. When you create a new screen choose modal, and set the transition as modal.

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Here is an example that I made for you for allowing the user to sort a list by A - Z or Low to High based on changing visibility and input value.