Letting users create subscriptions for others users using stripe where my platform taking a %

Letting users create subscriptions for others users using stripe where my platform takes a %.

My app lets users create clubs where they can have a membership, these memberships are subscriptions to that user but I want to take a % platform fee.

I am not sure how to get this done, as the only components are marketplace payment and subscriptions to myself where I take 100%.

Is there a work around where it can be done from stripes API?

I have created waiting lists where currently available memberships = 0 is there a way of auto-billing and creating a membership when a user cancels the membership?

Hello how are you, if what you want to do is collect a percentage of the payment you can make a mathematical formula.

You must evaluate if you are going to collect the total and pay the club or if each club will have its stripe account (Marketplace)

If the total payment is to you, it is simple, you collect 100%, you keep your commission and you transfer the rest.

In the checkout button you must put the price of the membership + the percentage that Stripe charges you so as not to lose money.

Summary of purchase

Example if you collect everything yourself and pay the club:
Membership 100dls

Online payment fee 5%: membership cost * 5/100= 5 dls

Total: membership cost + (cost fee*5/100): 105dls

You must also do this configuration in the stripe button

Hi thanks for the reply!!!,

The issue is I don’t want it do be a one tine payment as for the club they would have to chase people every month to pay again, or do a years payment which will be too much for people.

Ideally they would create a monthly subscription that’s paid to the club but we get a percentage. the issue is for the subscription component it only goes to me and wont go to the club

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If Adalo doesn’t develop such a Stripe component for a long time, ping me, and I can create it for you. I believe we’ll manage to reach a good price for it.

you put a condition in the home that when its expiration date is the same as today, it takes it to the update page and that’s it! if you don’t pay you won’t be able to continue

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