Like/Dislike system with negative/positive numbers

Hi guys, I am recreating my like/dislike system and I would like it to recognise whether like/dislike is applied already and based on that add +1/+2 (-1/-2) to come back to zero and then count the vote. I tried conditional visibilities, as well as actions but got completely lost with no idea of how to continue. If anyone could give me any advice, I would be grateful. Thanks :relaxed:

Does anyone have any ideas on that please? I made classic like/dislike system that only adds and removes like but does not go into negative numbers. If anyone knew, it would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

This can be done by an update to your record to read like this I use the parentheses but I don’t know if they are needed:

So if I’m in a collection of widgets and the like is curre try 1
Update widgets collection on button press
(Widgetcount+1) this just needs to be a number field in your collection for it to work.

Hope this helps!

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Could you please elaborate a bit on that? I’ve got a relationship between users and widgets and action adds/removes user from total likes and based on that, visibility changes too. I am not sure how would I do that you suggested and keep options visible. Thanks!

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