Like/Dislike System

How would I have a like/dislike system in an app, and keep track of the amount of each?

You’d have a relationship on the database collection between users and the thing you want them to like.

You’d have one relationship for likes, and one for dislikes.

Hello, as @theadaloguy has mentioned, You can create 2 different (Many to Many) relationships between users. One for (Likes), and the other one for (Dislikes). And you can display the count of each relationship related to a specific post in your app.

Thank you!

everything can be done very simply through the toggle create relation number 3 for example favorite user in the collection to which you will like user and set the action on the toggle to update and set the entry in the database to add the logged in user, that’s how I did it in my application and it works fine / Good luck

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