Limit displaying number of list items

Hi All,

Is there a way to display a certain number of list items from a list (preferably the lastest 5) and then there’s a ‘see more’ button to see the whole list on a separate screen? I think it might help me with performance issues on the screen where I am having multiple horizontal lists.

Yes, just order the list by latest first, and choose 5 for the limit on the list. Have a see more button underneath which navigates to another screen (with no transition to make it look clean), and have this page have a full list.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I am unable to put a see more button which appears at the end of the list. Also, while sliding horizontally the see more button is visible between the gaps.

Ah OK it might be more difficult to make it nice with horizontal list, I was thinking you were using a normal list.

You can reduce the width of the horizontal list and see if that stops it covering the button (I’m not sure).

You might have to have a see all button below, rather than at the side of the list

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Agreed! Thanks though.

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