Limit my application to a specific number of user


In my app, I have a form when registering a new user and in it I ask to choose among a practiced sport.

I would like to limit this database by a specific number of users

(foot: no more than 10 users
basket: no more than 15 users
dance: no more than 30 users)

Is it possible ?

Yes this is possible!

Once a user signs up and chooses their sport. You will choose “sometime happen” in the advanced action settings.

From there it would be … this action will only happen if the total user for foot is less than 10.

You will need to do this for each sport you have.

So once you’ve reached the limit the action will stop performing. Thus limiting the amount for each sport

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Thank you for your answer

Can you just tell me where it is “sometime happen” in the advanced action settings please?


Thank you @Erik! @Enzo it’ll look like what Erik sent. But of course it’ll have your action for joining a sport versus a page link.