Limit of users on app

Hi guys,

I’m developing an application and would like to know if there is a limit on the number of users that can log into the application

Thx to everyone

There is no limit, but differs with the PRO and basic plans which is in the user database. Which plan do you have?

Actullay with the free plan you have a limit of 50 rows of data in the database. With pro plan you have 5 GB of data that you could use.

Yes, differs between plans!


I’m new on Adalo and I would like to create a sales app like Le Bon Coin in France to test the “no code”. I have a question on the capacity of users with 20 GB of data storage. Is it possible to manage lot of people with lot of products ? For you what is approximatly the number of users we can have and with how many products ?
I have already created apps with react native but the part of the server is little dark for me and I have no idea of the capacity of 20 GB of storage.

Thank you